Oiselle Flyout Shorts Review

Oiselle Flyout Shorts Review

2020, Aug 23    

About this review

The goal of these reviews is not to provide a definitive "best running shorts" list, but to help others decide whether a pair of shorts might work for them based on what shorts they already own and like, without specific size or weight information, including unedited, real photos. Nobody is paying me to do this or providing me with free or discounted product, I just own a lot of styles of shorts and I'd love to put this knowledge to use.

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The Product

Brand: Oiselle

Product: Flyout Shorts

Color(s) shown: Curfew

Pockets: 1

Would I buy them again? Yes

The Oiselle Flyout shorts have ample pockets and a stretchy, durable fabric and a dolphin-hem. They’re not currently available at time of publication but have been included as a reference to provide a starting point to understand the fit of other products.


These shorts provide ample room in the quad and rear with light, stretchy fabric.

Oiselle originally billed these as their big offering for trail runners - meant to give more room to move your leg in all directions, not just front-to-back. I have a lot of room in the leg of these shorts, and while they fit true to size in my experience, because the waistband isn’t as wide and flat as the Oiselle signature, it won’t hold you in as much as, for example, the Roga shorts. They can be worn higher or lower on the waist depending on the length you want, offering more coverage in the leg or stomach depending on your preference. (Personally, I wear mine up pretty high, as I love a short-short and also tend to ditch the shirts in an effort to survive the Texas summers).

Front of
          the shorts
Front View


I have enough room for my thighs without the fabric bunching in the middle, causing any sort of chafing. I find the lining comfortable, but the seams on the briefliner could cut across your butt in a way you find unflattering or uncomfortable if you have more muscular glutes than I have.

Side of
          the shorts
Side View


The fabric shows a lot of sweat. I mean, it really shows sweat. Now, I sweat heavily in my day-to-day life, and it’s August in Texas, so I don’t really notice what I call pee-sweat (that’s sweat that makes you look like you’ve peed your pants) anymore. However, if you have a lower embarrassment bar than I do, you’d probably want to make sure to get these in a darker color. Additionally, like I mentioned when I discussed the Roga shorts, these

Back of
          the shorts
Back View

Final notes

The flyout shorts aren’t available at time of posting. Oiselle has since released a fully split short, if you’re into that. Rumor has it they run large.

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